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Services We Offer:

Services we typically provide in our contracts are planning for project strategy, tactics to achieve objectives, and operational planning. This includes overseeing the day to day operations of the project, ensuring that the stakeholder's investments are being taken care of , maintaining spreadsheets to track costs and keep the projects on budget, and communicate those findings to the project owner on a regular basis. Prior to the commencement of a project, this company organizes the logistics for equipment mobilization, scheduling, and material deliveries. We verify all permits and land use requirements are in place- including permission from First Nations Traditional land use owners, private property owners as well as utility company locates. We are familiar with Human Resources practices and procedures, including working within organizational structures and managing team personnel.

Jim starts his day out ensuring construction signs are in place before start up, then holds the tailgate meetings, and supervises the site all day (making operational requirements when required). At the end of the day he adjusts signage appropriately, and then does the day's paperwork of inputting data into his spreadsheets. At the end of the project, he compiles that data, along with a project summarty, including photographs and recommendations for future work if required, and delivers it to the project owner along with the contractor's invoices.

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